This high school track star found a pretty awesome way to ask someone to prom. 

By Extra Mustard
April 13, 2015

Mikey Brannigan of Northport High School on Long Island, N.Y., was Sports Illustrated's February High School Athlete of the Month.

The honor meant Mikey was featured in an issue of SI, and he cleverly used his newfound celebrity in an awesome way: to ask someone to prom.

As his mom told, Mikey and his indoor track team were at a pizza party and there were several copies of his SI issue on hand. He was autographing the magazines for his teammates and when he got to a sophomore named Rachel, he took the plunge.

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Mikey was smooth about it — when he signed it, he didn't say anything and closed the magazine. It wasn't until after Rachel got home that she read the autograph, and she and her parents were overjoyed with excitement. When she saw Mikey at school on Monday she delivered the good news that she would indeed go with him.

The two are now excitedly getting ready for prom night in June, which is sure to be a big day for both. 

You can read about Mikey's inspirational story here

- Molly Geary

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