Lil B clears up which NBA players are cursed and which are not

Is James Harden cursed? Is LeBron James cursed? Lil B explains. 
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Bay Area rapper Lil B, whose Based God curse has been a theme of the NBA playoffs, took some time to visit ESPN's SportsNation show on Monday and clear up a few things.

First off, if you're wondering where exactly the line is between Lil B and The Based God, not even Lil B knows. He said he's the only one who knows The Based God, but asked whether it was he or The Based God on the show he said, “I don't know.”

Lil B was then asked about multiple NBA players who have been rumored to be cursed by him.

Kevin Durant was given the curse back in 2011 for allegedly saying Lil B is a “whack” rapper, but it turns out there's more to the story. 

“KD's curse is active, he's still cursed,” Lil B said on SportsNation. “Kevin Durant actually agreed to play me in a game of ‘21’ and during the season he went back on his word and that's when The Based God was like you know what? Curse him.”

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Lil B admitted that he and The Based God “never like to curse people, that's always the last resort,” but alas Rockets guard James Harden was given the hex after Lil B said Harden stole his "cooking dance" celebration from his “I Cook” music video.​

However in a surprising twist on Saturday, Lil B tweeted that the curse on Harden had been lifted, because “[Harden] may be more troubled inside.”

“I feel really bad for Harden, it's like with all this success and the positivity that should come with being a Houston Rocket ... it's just like, I couldn't. We had to let him go, he was going through a lot of stuff,” Lil B said Monday. 

Finally, there's Cavaliers guard LeBron James, who Lil B set his sights on after Game 1 of the Finals. However Lil B confirmed that there's “definitely no curse on LeBron. We'll never try to interfere with everything that's natural.”

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Before leaving, Lil B offered a piece of advice (or perhaps a warning) to those players who may want to think twice about stealing his celebrations in the future.

“My whole thing was just making sure that these players who do these sports celebrations know who created them,” he said. ”And there's a lot of people that might try to steal it or make their own version but they have to remember [who did it first].”

- Molly Geary