Paul Pierce explained what happened with the Clippers at DeAndre Jordan's house this week, with the use of emojis.

By SI Wire
July 11, 2015

In an effort to clear the air surrounding the DeAndre Jordan Clippers-Mavericks-decision saga, Players' Tribune contributing editor and Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul Pierce shared his thoughts Saturday morning.

The Truth has given a version of the truth, which has been disputed by various reports as well as Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. As Pierce tells it, it goes something like this:

Contract, thinking man at crossroads, Mavericks logo, old Clippers logo, hourglass, lightbulb, airplane, Texas, house, thinking people pow-wow, heart, basketball, money, new Clippers logo, playing cards, clock strikes midnight, contract signing, smiley face, airplane, California, trophy, and what appears to be a custom signpost that reads "Truth."

Sources could not confirm, but I have a sneaking suspicion Pierce just screenshotted a bunch of Microsoft Word clip art. Maybe Steve Ballmer disallows Apple's emojis, too.

Read Pierce's fully illustrated tale here.

Mavericks owner Cuban refuses DeAndre Jordan's apology

Jeremy Woo

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