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From Schuttlesworth to Shep, here are the best movie basketball players of all time

By The SI Staff
July 09, 2015
Determining the best movie basketball players of all time is no easy task. The genre is vast and filled with talented stars. So when tasked with building a starting five (and bench), we had to lay out two ground rules:
1. Only fictional players. Sorry, Jordan. The list is supposed to be the best movie ballers of all time so there's no room for NBA players portraying themselves.
2. Level of competition matters. If someone is playing against NBA competition, they will get the edge over someone facing college or high school players. (This came into play when deciding between Jimmy Chitwood and Lewis Scott, but the unflappable Chitwood came through on the strength of his otherworldly skill.)
From Schuttlesworth to Shep, here are the best film ballers:

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