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On World Emoji Day 2015, sports teams came prepared on Twitter.

By SI Wire
July 17, 2015

It's World Emoji Day, thanks to the calendar emoji itself, which denotes July 17 (mysterious, right?). Ever since the Great DeAndre Jordan Emoji War of 2015 broke loose, the fates of both emoji and sport have been undeniably interwoven, from plane to boat to rocketship to...banana boat.

And so it goes. Twitter was ablaze (insert flame emoji, bear with me) with creativity all around (one hunna emoji), and on a holiday (christmas tree emoji) with sights as rare as these (Santa Claus emoji), it's worth a quick roundup of some of the best (prayer hands emoji).

Here's an unauthoritative yet inspiring look at how pro sports teams reacted.

Paul Pierce speaks on DeAndre Jordan saga with emojis

Portland Trail Blazers: simple, but elegant.

The neighboring Portland Timbers did the same.

The Sixers celebrated some of their current players and all-time greats.

The Washington Nationals played an intriguing (albeit maybe a little confusing) emoji-based game with fans. You had to be hardcore for this one.

Here's the answer key:

The Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks came up with a challenge for their players, instead:

The Eagles had fun with this:

But the Broncos, and Demaryius Thomas had the last laugh.

Now, try explaining this to your parents at the dinner table.

Jeremy Woo

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