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LeBron James signs with Warner Bros: Plot ideas for Space Jam 2

In wake of the news LeBron James has struck a deal with Warner Bros, what should the plot of Space Jam 2 be?
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After years of swirling rumors, LeBron James has finally struck a deal with Warner Bros.

Warner Bros, who own Space Jam. Yeah, that Space Jam.

So in wake of the news, we took a crack at potential plot ideas for the still very not-official sequel to the 90s classic, starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes in a battle against aliens for the fate of their cartoon world (and the talents of Charles Barkley and others) . But you should probably know that already.

LeBron James signs TV, movie deal with Warner Bros

James announced the deal himself with a tweet. He's currently on the silver screen in a supporting role in the Judd Apatow-directed and Amy Schumer-written movie Trainwreck, for which he is getting rave reviews.

Now or never, right?

So we kicked it off. Share your best ideas by tweeting at @SINow using the hashtag #SpaceJam2Plots.

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​- Jeremy Woo