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Former Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon had some curious ideas for the Big Ten.

By Extra Mustard
August 25, 2015

Who would ever want to go two whole years without seeing an Ohio State-Michigan game? Pizza executive turned Michigan AD Dave Brandon, that's who.

Author John U. Bacon is releasing a new book this September titled Endzone: The Rise, Fall, and Return of Michigan Football, which contains several interesting nuggets about the Wolverines' former athletic director.

Ohio State blog Land-Grant Holy Land got an advance copy of the book and found that Brandon suggested the Big Ten occasionally move, and even cancel, Michigan's annual game against Ohio State. The two schools haven't gone a season without playing each other since 1918.

In addition to the schedule change, Brandon wanted a 16-team Big Ten that would be divided into four groups, with the Wolverines and Buckeyes in different divisions. 

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"Expand the Big Ten into 16 teams, eight a side, and break those down into groups of four, A, B, C and D, that just play each other," he said, according to Bacon. "After the third game, you reshuffle the deck, and the top teams play each other, and the second teams play each other, and so on."

Dave Brandon is now the CEO of Toys "R" Us, so it doesn't look like we have to worry about missing "The Game" anytime soon.


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