Usain Bolt channels LeBron James with celebration after relay win

Usain Bolt went LeBron James after Jamaica's relay win at the World Championships. 
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Usain Bolt borrowed a little from LeBron James while celebrating Jamaica's win in the 4x100 relay at the IAAF World Championships on Saturday.

Before we continue, it should be noted LeBron's “lower-the-roof” celebration is actually Nick Van Exel's celebration. Seriously, you can see Van Exel do the celebration at the 3:05 mark of this video

Of course, in this decade, LeBron has made the celebration much more popular. So here's Bolt, channeling LeBron—who's actually paying homage to Van Exel—while celebrating his third gold medal at the world championships: 


It's not a bad effort from Bolt. He could've used one more stomp. That guy really just speeds through everything.