Watch: Marshawn Lynch sells Skittles on home shopping channel

Marshawn Lynch sells Skittles on home shopping channel. 
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Marshawn Lynch is too real for the rest of us. 

Lynch, who collects fines from the NFL for not speaking and plays in the same backfield as a quarterback who throws Super Bowl-losing interceptions and claims water prevents concussions, just wants to run the ball and eat Skittles. 

And in case you think Lynch isn't serious about Skittles, then you need to watch his appearance on a home shopping channel Tuesday morning. Lynch joined to promote what's actually a pretty solid deal: 36 packs of sweet candy goodness for only $14.86. Just listen to Lynch describe his commitment to his favorite candy:

“We intimate. We became one. Want me to show you how it's done?”

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Since we all want to see how it's done, let's watch the whole segment below:


- Rohan Nadkarni