Russell Wilson says sports drink helped with hit to head

Russell Wilson said a sports drink helped him recover from a hit to the head. 
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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says a sports drink helped him recover from a hit to the head during January's NFC Championship game. 

Wilson made the comments while promoting a new water-based sports drink in a Rolling Stone story. 

Wilson was hit in the head by the Green Bay Packers' Clay Matthews in the second quarter of the NFC Championship game after an interception. During the game, Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews said Seattle team doctors did not administer concussion tests to Wilson on the sideline. 

Wilson played the rest of the game and the Super Bowl two weeks later.

Here's a video of the hit: 


In Rolling Stone Wilson insists the water drink, of which he is an investor, helped him recover from the hit. 

“I banged my head during the Packers game in the playoffs, and the next day I was fine,” says Wilson. “It was the water.”

[Agent Mark] Rodgers offers a hasty interjection. “Well, we're not saying we have real medical proof.”

But Wilson shakes his head, energized by the subject. He speaks with an evangelist's zeal.

“I know it works.” His eyes brighten. “Soon you're going to be able to order it straight from Amazon.”

- Rohan Nadkarni