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A fan ran into the ring during WWE’s Night of Champions on Sunday.

By Extra Mustard
September 21, 2015

Roman Reigns loves to scream in the ring, but when a stranger brought himself within inches of Reigns’s face, he remained serene.

For the second time this month, a spectator at a WWE event tried to insert himself into the show. A fan in a hooded sweatshirt hopped the barricade and strolled to the ring with Seth Rollins during Monday Night Raw on Sept. 8.

During WWE’s Night of Champions on Sunday, a fan dressed similarly to Reigns decided to get in the ring and stare into the pores on his face. Reigns didn’t seem to acknowledge that anything was awry, and Ambrose kind of gave him a “how u?” look.

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The incident occurs around the 30-second mark of the video below.


It was a banner weekend for daredevils at sporting events, as a fan charged the field in Philadelphia and was tackled by Eagles cornerback Nolan Carroll.

This fan legitimately had more rushing success on this one attempt than DeMarco Murray (21 rushes, 11 yards) has had all season.

- Kenny Ducey

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