Grateful Dead fans petition NFL for band to play Super Bowl 50 halftime

Look alive, Bruno Mars: there’s a growing movement to run you off stage.
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As it turns out, Bruno Mars, a growing number of people would take a grenade for a shot to remove you from the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. Grateful Dead fans are among them

Mr. Mars was reportedly asked to return to the Super Bowl halftime stage in early September, but many performers, and their fans, still have hope they can get in on the fun. According to Hollywood Life, Kanye West has interest in performing at halftime of Super Bowl 50 and is “livid” he hasn’t been invited to do so.

Deadheads around the country aren’t exactly “livid” that the San Francisco-based band hasn’t been asked to perform, but they were compelled enough to start a petition to get them on stage in February.

“On so many levels, this would set the bar for a monumentous and unforgettable Super Bowl half-time performance, not only for those in attendance, but for the entire world over,” the petition reads. “The viewing draw alone would be unparalleled. In addition, Super Bowl 50 will be held in San Francisco...and coincidentally, San Francisco is the birth place of the Grateful Dead.”

Whether or not the Grateful Dead would fly with the youth is another question, but it sure would be fitting to have them perform.

Bey, Tay and N.W.A.: Extra Mustard’s Super Bowl halftime suggestions

If you were going to invite any past halftine performer back, it would probably be Beyonce, or perhaps Bruce Springsteen. Bruno Mars? The dude who made an entire track about hanging at his house all day doing absolutely nothing? I’d rather see Macklemore up there, who wrote an entire song about buying a moped. That’s more appealing than sitting on the couch ignoring phone calls and watching whatever they show on MTV these days.

You go, Deadheads.

- Kenny Ducey