Chad Johnson is apparently ready to kick for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly holding a kicker tryout, and former NFL wideout Chad Johnson might be willing to make the trip.
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Ochocinco wants to become Ochokicko, apparently.

After kicker Josh Scobee missed two crucial field goals on Thursday, the Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly holding a kicker tryout, and former NFL wideout Chad Johnson might be willing to make the trip.

Johnson manually retweeted a link the story with an airplane emoji, indicating he’d probably be willing to fly out to show the Steelers what he’s got.

Ochocinco actually has a decent leg. He once drilled a PAT in a preseason game with the Bengals, and booted the ensuing kickoff. 

He also had a four-day trial for Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer during the 2011 NFL lockout.

Johnson’s not the only one willing to kick for the Steelers—former MLS star Landon Donovan also joked he’d be in.

As tempting as these guys are, if I’m the Steelers, I’m signing Kickalicious.

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- Kenny Ducey