Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams will pay for 53 women’s mammograms

DeAngelo Williams cares more about breast cancer than the NFL. 
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The NFL won’t let DeAngelo Williams show how much he cares about breast cancer, so he’s doing it himself.

Williams lost his mother to breast cancer in 2014 and wanted to honor her by wearing pink accessories all season but the league told him no. He’ll have to settle for wearing the pink accents during October, the NFL’s designated breast cancer awareness month. 

While the NFL donates a relatively paltry sum of its Pink October proceeds to causes that may or may not help detect, prevent and treat breast cancer, Williams is trying to help women in North Carolina get diagnosed. 

His mother died at age 53, so Williams is paying for 53 mammograms at a hospital in Charlotte, according to ESPN

The cost of a mammogram varies, but the national median cost is $243. The Mayo Clinic says the exams “play a key role in early breast cancer detection and help decrease breast cancer deaths.”

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- Dan Gartland