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Our Thursday Night Football drinking game is back for the Saints-Falcons Week 6 matchup. 

By Extra Mustard
October 15, 2015

Welcome back to another edition of Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game. Week 6 features a usually interesting matchup between the Saints and Falcons in New Orleans. 

This would typically be a pretty good game, but given the fact that the Saints (1–4) are put together about as well as a guy on Bourbon Street at 4 a.m., the Falcons (5–0) seem likely to roll in this one.

If you do decide to stick around and watch this instead of Game 5 of the Mets-Dodgers series, perhaps our little game can make it more enjoyable. 

• What does Bill Belichick eat if he hasn’t bought groceries in years?

Responsibly sip your drink when

• Julio Jones makes a catch

• The guy who’s married to the woman from Real Housewives of Atlanta makes a tackle

• You feel sorry for Drew Brees’s lack of offensive weapons

• When you are jealous of Rob Ryan’s hair

• A fan in the stands is wearing a jersey of a guy no longer on the team

• Any Saints fans near you get bored and start talking about LSU football

Refill your drink when

• You see Luke McCown’s commercial

• You challenge your friend to find a better name in the NFL than O’Brien Schofield

• CBS shows Devin Hester on the sideline in street clothes

• Your friend texts you premature fantasy trash talk

• You wonder where Jimmy Graham is

Finish your drink when

• You flip the channel to Dodgers-Mets

• A Saints player celebrates a touchdown with the Dirty Bird dance

• Drew Brees has to pass to himself

• CBS shows B-roll of a Jazz musician

• CBS shows B-roll of beignets

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