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Did you know Chicago and New York have different styles of pizza?

By Extra Mustard
October 19, 2015

State senators from Illinois and New York have made a friendly bet on the outcome of the NLCS. Shockingly, the winner will receive a pizza pie in the loser’s city’s style. What a unique wager. 

You knew this would happen. The Mets are playing the Cubs in the NLCS so it’s time to debate whether New York’s classic thin crust pizza is better than Chicago’s deep dish sauce boat pizza. Isn’t this discussion novel and not at all stale?

Come on, you really couldn’t think of anything more original? Nothing involving each city’s extensive history of organized crime? You couldn’t reference the great performing arts scene in both cities?

It doesn’t matter anyway, because everyone should recognize that New Haven-style pizza is actually the best. 

Mets coach on Daniel Murphy’s homer: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

- Dan Gartland

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