Cubs manager Joe Maddon is still driving to work in a 1976 Dodge van

After joking about it with Keith Olbermann, Cubs manager Joe Maddon finally got a 1976 Dodge Tradesman 200 van.
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During an interview in December with Keith Olbermann, Cubs manager Joe Maddon joked that his Christmas list included “a 1976 Dodge van. I wanna get my old shaggin’ wagon and just bound around in one of those.”

Well, Maddon apparently got his wish, because he’s been driving to work in that very vehicle since at least September.

Mark Topkin from the Tampa Bay Times spotted Maddon’s vintage ride outside Wrigley before Tuesday’s NLCS Game 3.

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The van first came to national attention during a Fox broadcast in September. Apparently he’s named the van “Cal State Fullerton” because a buddy used to drive him to the school in that same model of van for minor-league off-season workouts.

Cubs fans have spotted the ’76 Tradesman around the ballpark.

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One guy even claims to work at the shop that serviced the van. 

Hopefully his RV isn’t jealous of all the attention the van is getting. 

- Dan Gartland