Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Get ready for the NBA season by trying to identify arenas. It’s harder than you think.

By Extra Mustard
October 22, 2015

The NBA season starts on Tuesday, so you’re probably trying to show your friends what a smart basketball fan you are. “This is the Pelicans’ year, man,” you say to anyone who will listen. “Anthony Davis is almost as good as LeBron.” Sure, whatever. If you wanna prove how knowledgeable about the NBA you are, take this quiz.

Below you’ll find photos of 20 NBA arenas. Your job is to identify them by name. It’s harder than you think, mostly because we’ve obscured any logos of the teams and their corporate sponsors. You may recall we did something similar for the start of the NFL season. The average score that time around was 51%. Try to do better this time. (If you want to cheat, here’s a list of every arena in the league, complete with sponsor’s names.)


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