Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Before the start of the NFL season, test your football knowledge by trying to identify each stadium. This won’t be easy. 

By Dan Gartland
September 07, 2015

Most Americans know more about the NFL than their own country’s history. It’s easier to list every head coach in your team’s history than to name each U.S. president—unless you’re a Browns fan. So that’s why we decided to make an NFL quiz that will leave even the most obsessive football fans scratching their heads.

Below are pictures of NFL stadiums with almost all identifying information cropped or blurred out. Good luck trying to figure out which is which.’s Rohan Nadkarni scored an office-wide best 16 of 20 during the testing process. He’s your score to beat. Be warned, though, most of the other scores were in the single digits.  


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