Mike Roemer/AP

Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones is wearing a hoodie under his jersey. 

By Extra Mustard
November 22, 2015

Whose idea was it to move the Vikings to an outdoor stadium? Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones would like a word.

Jones took the field for today’s Packers-Vikings game rocking a green hoodie underneath his jersey. Jones looks more like an uncle playing on the driveway during Thanksgiving than an NFL receiver with the hoodie, but it’s got be pretty cold, right?

No! It’s only 34 degrees, according to a Google search of “Minneapolis weather” conducted during this post. 34 degrees? In November? That’s nothing for Minnesota! And Jones plays his home games in Wisconsin, which is not exactly known for its balmy weather this time of year. 

Take the hoodie off and throw some turf tape on those elbows, son. Hoodies are for kickers.

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