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The Redskins don’t think the ‘You like that!’ thing is old

Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker doesn’t think Kirk Cousins’s “You like that!” catchphrase has gotten old yet.
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It’s been a month since Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins’s impromptu “You like that!” outburst after leading Washington to a comeback victory over the lowly Buccaneers, and teammate Chris Baker is still trying to turn it into a catchphrase. 

After beating the Giants on Sunday, Baker barked the familiar phrase right into one of CSN Mid Atlantic’s cameras.

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Baker did the same thing Washington’s win over the Saints two weeks ago. He couldn’t do it last week because his team got thoroughly embarrassed by the Panthers. 

Is the phrase, stripped of Cousins’s original spontaneous glee, finally getting old? Just check out the awkward smile on Morgan Moses’s face in the background.

- Dan Gartland