Top 5 Tuesday: Best college football bowl game gifts for 2015

Here are our five favorite bowl game gifts for 2015. 
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The 2015 college football bowl season is almost upon us, which means the players actually get paid!

Well, not exactly. But the players on teams participating in bowl games do receive gifts, which almost makes up for the whole exploited labor force thing. So which players should be especially excited about their bowl game this year? We ranked the best gifts, courtesy of the full list over at Sports Business Daily.

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5. Cowtown custom-made cowboy boots


The cowboy boots are courtesy of the Arizona Bowl, and are the perfect compliment to any outfit. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself ever since I bought those cowboy boots.

4. 32-quart Lit cooler

This gift, from the GoDaddy Bowl, is literally lit.

3. Would not disclose

The Cotton Bowl would not disclose its gift to SBD. This is like an extremely high stakes game of Secret Santa, and I love it.

2. Iconic gift

The reward for the national championship game is simply an “iconic gift.” Why is everyone being so secretive? Hopefully this just means cash.

1. Coleman two-person tent


I may be one person, but I could use the space.