Watch: Michael B. Jordan takes punch on the set of Creed

Watch Michael B. Jordan take a hit to the face while filming Creed.
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Michael B. Jordan took some hard hits on the set of Creed.

In a video posted by Sylvester Stallone on Twitter, Jordan falls to the ground after taking a punch from another boxer. The punch was real but the knockout may be good acting.

You can be the judge from the video below:

Jordan first discussed the video on the Bill Simmons podcast, where he said it was Stallone’s idea that Jordan actually needed to be hit in the face to make it look real in the film.

“The first couple times we tried to do, we tried to it with the slips,” Jordan told Simmons. “You know, and it’s slow motion, so you can see the misses -- the space between the punches. So, all of a sudden, you just hear this snickering from the corner, and everybody's like ‘What?’ And Sly’s like, ‘Man you gotta take it.’ I'm like, ‘What do you mean?’ He’s like, ‘No, you gotta take a real punch.’”

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Stallone says that he was actually hit while portraying Rocky Balboa in Rocky in 1977. He reprised the role for Creed, where he serves as a mentor to Jordan’s character, Adonis Creed.

Unfortunately for Jordan, the hit did not earn him any Golden Globe nomination. Stallone's advice on and off the camera landed him his first Golden Globes nod since the first Rocky film.

- Christopher Chavez