Watch this Packers fan climb into a sewer to retrieve his ticket

A Green Bay Packers fan sunk to low depths to save his ticket. 
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Green Bay Packers fans are known to be among the NFL’s most loyal, because they all own the team or there’s nothing else to do in Green Bay or something like that. 

One fan lived up to expectations before Sunday’s Packers vs. Cowboys game. Let’s go to the YouTube description to see just how legit Packers fan is:

I was at the Packers vs Cowboys game with a group of friends. It was one of my friends' first Packers game. We were in line waiting to go into the game when we were on top of a sewer. The friend whose first game it was pretends to drop his ticket, he actually loses grip of it and it slowly falls through the sewer to the sewage. Without hesitation we open the sewer lid and hops in, digs his foot at the ticket and grabs it all while a cop watches on.

Yeah, this is some good, old-fashioned football fan behavior right here. Downloading a ticket on your phone is soft. A real fan jumps into the sewer after botching a joke.

- Rohan Nadkarni