Former NBA player Scot Pollard to compete on Survivor

"Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty" airs on Feb. 17. 
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Former Kansas Jayhawk and NBA basketball player Scot Pollard will compete on the 32nd season of CBS’s Survivor.

The season is titled “Survivor: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty” and pits contestants against each other based on their intelligence, athleticism and attractiveness. Pollard will compete on the Brawn tribe.

After four years with Kansas from 1993 to ’97, Pollard went on to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings. He was also member of the 2008 NBA Finals-winning Boston Celtics before retiring.

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Pollard looks to do better than 18-year NBA veteran Cliff Robinson, who only lasted 18 days on the 28th season of Survivor, which was also a Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty season.

The new season, which was filmed in Cambodia, will air on Feb. 17, 2016.

Below is a list of former professional athletes to participate on Survivor:

Ethan Zohn, former professional soccer player – Winner of Survivor season three

Gary Hogeboom, former NFL player – Lasted 30 days on Survivor season 11

Jeff Kent, former MLB player – Lasted 22 days on Survivor season 25

Brad Culpepper, former NFL player – Lasted 14 days on Survivor season 27

John Rocker, former MLB player – Lasted 8 days on Survivor season 29

- Christopher Chavez