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Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game for Week 16

Extra Mustard’s Thursday Night Football drinking game for Week 16. 

It’s the holidays, so let’s keep this short and sweet, yeah?

The Chargers are not good. The Raiders are not good but could maybe be good soon. Both teams could end up in Los Angeles.

You’re probably busy getting ready for all your relatives to arrive, but if you need one more reason to throw back the nog, our drinking game is here to help. And for those keeping the party going past Christmas, we have a bonus section for the Redkins vs. Eagles game.

Happy Holidays and stay responsible!

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Responsibly sip your drink when

NFL Network shows Charles Woodson’s career stats

NFL Network shows Carson, Calif.

NFL Network shows an old photo from the archives

Chuck Berry’s “Run Run Rudolph” is played headed to commercial break

Jim Nantz or Phil Simms highlight Pro Bowler Marcel Reece

Any time the words “Los Angeles” are mentioned

Philip Rivers makes a weird face

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Nants or Simms mention the Raiders’ potential

Phil Simms says “eem”

​Chug the Egg Nog if

Danny Woodhead scores

Finish your drink if

Philip Rivers becomes a meme

Antonio Gates scores a touchdown

Redskins vs. Eagles, drink when

Sam Bradford looks like he spilled an entire pot of pasta on the kitchen floor

A disgruntled DeMarco Murray is seen on the sideline

Anyone mentions Chip Kelly’s offense

Anyone makes a “You like that?” joke

The broadcast uses a clock guaging the speed of the Eagles’ offense

The NFC East is described as “weak,” “anemic” or “a garbage pile”

Open a present if

Nantz or Simms wear a Santa hat