Men’s Style Q&A: Upgrade your shoe game; Perfect the sleeve roll

The Sports Illustrated Style Q&A is back to help you start off the new year on the right foot with advice on upgrading your ratty old sneakers for more stylish footwear, finding the perfect shades for every guy and how to roll your sleeves just right. 
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The Sports Illustrated Style Q&A is back to help you start off the new year on the right foot with advice on upgrading your ratty old sneakers for more stylish footwear, finding the perfect shades for every guy and how to roll your sleeves just right. You can look up tips from the previous edition of the guide here, and download the app to stay stylish on-the-go, or head over to the fashion site’s men’s section for a cavalcade of perfect clothing options.

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A: Hi Eddie! We are stoked to inform you that this is the one New Year’s resolution that you will not break. As far as the healthy eating, going to the gym, being a better person, etc. you’re on your own there, buddy. We know you men are creatures of habit but 8 year-old sneakers aren’t exactly what we’d consider ‘vintage chic.’ So, let’s elevate your shoe game! If sneakers are a must, opt for a leather-inspired pair, which are perfectly fine for the movies. For those fancier dinner dates, go for some classic lace-ups. Weekend brunch or stroll in the park? You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of boat shoes like these. No more embarrassing your lady in 2016! Now, about that gym membership…

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Q: What are some cool sunglasses other than wayfarer Ray Bans? I'm looking for something classy but a bit retro. -Param

Hi Param! Can we just take a minute and appreciate how far we’ve come when it comes to sunglasses? Not your father’s transitional color-changing bifocals anymore, eh? Okay, lets talk shop! The best way to find the perfect pair is to make sure they fit your face. Here are the most flattering shapes for your face type: Heart: you can literally pull almost any shape off but we recommend trying on mirrored aviators; opt for silver if you’re going classic and blue for fun and retro. Square: Look for sunglasses that are rounded or have curves like a rounded shape in a retro tortoise color like this. Round: Think rectangles; you will thank us for this tip! Although you’re looking for a change from the classic Ray Ban wayfarer, don’t shy away completely from wayfarers in general. How about this ultra cool Ray-Ban for Brooks Brothers denim wayfarer? Oval: You can take all the risks in the world with that perfect jawline! Opt for a pair of Ray-Ban clubmasters or be on trend with a fun throw away pair like these. Move over Blues Brothers, our man Param’s got some swanky sunglasses to sport!

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Q: Considering the warm climate here in Miami, ideas on what to wear at client meetings? -Richard

A: Hey Richard! It’s 14 degrees here in NYC so we are extremely jealous of your #warmclimateproblems. There’s nothing worse than sweating through your wool suit while you’re trying to give an epic PowerPoint presentation, so here are our solutions: 1.) A linen suit in a light color like gray will give you professional vibes without the heat.  2). Sweat-proof shirts do exist, so run don’t walk and stock up stat. 3) Deodorant to-go will be a life saver in between meetings 4) Light-weight driving shoes are the perfect balance of Miami style and workplace function. You’ve now got all the tools to woo your clients, sans sweaty pits. Go get ‘em, tiger!

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Q: Is there a "right" way to fold up your sleeves on a collared shirt? Any tips? -Michael

Hi Michael! We’re not going to preach and tell you there is only one right way to roll up your sleeves because different tasks call for different roll-up methods. However, we will tell you there’s only one aesthetically pleasing and fashionable way to look effortless and cool with your sleeves rolled up. Here’s our step-by-step guide: 1) Unbutton cuff and gauntlet buttons, flip cuff back and inside out. 2) Pull flipped cuff all the way to just below elbow without folding. Make sure to turn sleeve inside out as you roll. 3) On the last roll, make sure to roll and trap the bottom of your cuff. Show as much of the inside-out cuff as you desire. There you have it; how to roll up your sleeves in 3 easy steps. Your end result should ooze casual and cool while the fold sits below your elbow. Take a look at some of our favorite streetstylers acing the fold here, here & here! Psssst…don’t forget their looks are shoppable!