Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Yovanna Ventura and the news that Antonio Cromartie  is expecting twins despite a vasectomy

By Andy Gray
January 13, 2016

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Basketball Players Bust Out Random Football Play During Game

I'm not sure what inspired these rec league basketball players to huddle up and call a football play (or why the defense didn't harass them more) but it happened and it was spectacular. Tiffany has the story.

Wisconsin High Schoolers Fight Back

Earlier this week, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association told its students that chants like “Fundamentals,” “Air ball” and “Scoreboard” were considered unsportsmanlike and banned them. This was really lame. Students at Ashwaubenon High felt so as well, so they attended Tuesday night's game dressed in black with duct tape over their mouths that read ‘WIAA.’ And since this story is taking place in Wisconsin, here's my favorite Making a Murderer link of the 20,000 stories that have come out in the past few weeks.

A Vasectomy Will Not Stop Antonio Cromartie From Producing Kids

Cromartie is expecting twins, his ninth and tenth child.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Hot Clicks Q&A

I'm going to attempt my first-ever Hot Clicks Q&A since people have been sending me questions as of late. How do I pick LLODs? What's Tiffany like off camera? How do giveaways work? Why do you keep shoving Bruce Springsteen videos down our throat? Anything you want to know, just ask. I'm an open book. Email me at and make subject line Hot Clicks Q&A. 

'Chipper Rescues Freddy' Bobblehead

Remember in January 2014 when Chipper Jones rescued Freddie Freeman during a freak snowstorm in Atlanta? The Braves are turning it into a Bobblehead.

Useless World Record Alert

Congrats to Gerard Jessie of the Philippines, who now holds the world record for most candles extinguished by farts. 

Throwback Photo of the Week

Linus Ullmark Has Great Mask

Odds & Ends

Alex Rodriguez works in a real office, just like you and I ... Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne​ have the NBA's best pregame dance ... Jose Canseco has officially offered up his services as a Jedi in an upcoming Star Wars movie ... How excited is Twitter user @LaraMS about the Rams move to L.A.? ... I'd be so angry if I waited months (and spent a small fortune) to see Book of Mormon and this happened ... Gallery: Cheerleaders of the College Bowl Games ...  A star cricket player tried out for the Mets ... The most expensive item ever found on Antiques Roadshow ... A treadmill that lets you walk in any direction.

My New Favorite Youth Hockey Player

Doesn't Count, But Still Amazing


Today in Sports

Wednesday features the Clippers putting their nine-game winning streak on the line against the Heat and No. 2 Oklahoma facing rival Oklahoma State.


Mama Told Me Not To Come

Heard this song for the first time in ages yesterday. Very underrated tune.

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