Jose Canseco wants Cespedes to sit out the season and hang out with him

Jose Canseco thinks Yoenis Cespedes waited too long to sign a contract and should form a new-age Bash Brothers duo with Canseco instead. 
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Jose Canseco is sick of waiting for Yoenis Cespedes to sign with a major league team and has a better idea for how Cespedes should spend next baseball season: Join Jose on a nationwide tour bashing dingers. 

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Yes, Canseco does spend his summers touring the U.S. in an RV and challenging regular dudes to softball home run derbies. He even lost a competition to a guy in Iowa

Canseco’s plan to team up with his fellow Cuban slugger and form a new-age Bash Brothers duo certainly sounds enticing, but everyone knows Cespedes would much rather spend the year playing golf

- Dan Gartland