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Did David Blatt drown his sorrows at a Cheesecake Factory?

Former Cavaliers coach David Blatt was spotted around Cleveland after his firing. 

David Blatt seems to be taking his firing in the opposite of stride.

The ousted, now-former Cavaliers coach was spotted around Cleveland on Sunday, just two days after being let go. At first, a smiling Blatt appeared carefree and unburdened from the rigors of coaching a star-studded team.

Then we found out what exactly he was doing in Cleveland with his newfound free time.

Nah, you don’t go to a Cheesecake Factory when you’re happy. Especially not when you have the entire city of Cleveland at your disposal. (OK, maybe if you’re in Cleveland.)

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It’s obvious Blatt was drowning his sorrows, which is exactly why you would go to a Cheesecake Factory. The comically large portions. The wide varieties of cheesecake. The smell of Americana. It’s just like being at home if your home was nothing like a home.

Don’t worry, David. A few more Oreo cheesecakes and you’ll be back on the sidelines in no time.