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Frank Kaminsky challenged Kristaps Porzingis to a dance-off

If you’re not privy to just how good these two are, here’s a short review.

One day after video of Kristaps Porzingis dancing was unearthed and sent around the web, the NBA’s other dancing rookie sent out a challenge.

The smooth Frank Kaminsky wants to duel Three Six Latvia in a dance-off, according to a tweet he sent out on Saturday night, which begs possibly the most important question of the season. Who’s got better moves?

If you’re not privy to just how good these two are, watch this dance-off we created:

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So, who wins?

Porzingis’s quick movement and go-to dance moves are undeniable; every single time he moves his head side to side an angel gets its wings. But that in itself may be Kristaps’s downfall.

Kaminsky’s arsenal of moves is so incredibly vast, he can out-dance you in so many different ways. He’s got the short kicks, the hips and incredible creative vision. Even if Kristaps pulls out that lethal spin-and-point, Frank will impossibly catch its force to power an even filthier dance move.

Let’s make this happen, please.