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Only the Internet can make Kristaps Porzingis dance to Kanye West

Of course you want to see Kristaps Porzingis dance to Kanye West.

Most people think Kristaps Porzingis was just an awkward, gangly teenager during his days with Baloncesto Sevilla. But video evidence shows he was a pretty slick dancer.

In May, Sevilla posted a video to its YouTube page of Porzingis and some teammates dancing to the 90’s classic “What is Love,” which a Knicks fan on Twitter unearthed Thursday night.

Because Extra Mustard’s Kenny Ducey is obsessed with Kanye West, he decided to set the video to a song off The Life of Pablo.

Sevilla’s YouTube channel is full of all sorts of other wonderful clips, like Porzingis celebrating in the locker room and horsing around with a teammate.

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