Only the Internet can make Kristaps Porzingis dance to Kanye West

Of course you want to see Kristaps Porzingis dance to Kanye West.
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Most people think Kristaps Porzingis was just an awkward, gangly teenager during his days with Baloncesto Sevilla. But video evidence shows he was a pretty slick dancer.

In May, Sevilla posted a video to its YouTube page of Porzingis and some teammates dancing to the 90’s classic “What is Love,” which a Knicks fan on Twitter unearthed Thursday night.

Because Extra Mustard’s Kenny Ducey is obsessed with Kanye West, he decided to set the video to a song off The Life of Pablo.

Sevilla’s YouTube channel is full of all sorts of other wonderful clips, like Porzingis celebrating in the locker room and horsing around with a teammate.