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Yoenis Cespedes drove his fire-breathing Lamborghini to Mets camp

Yoenis Cespedes drove his fire-breathing Lamborghini to the Mets’ facility on Wednesday. 

If you thought the three-wheeled vehicle Yoenis Cespedes took to work on Tuesday was flashy, just wait until you see what he drove on Wednesday. 

Cespedes revealed Tuesday that he planned to take his customized Lamborghini Aventador to Mets’ complex on Wednesday and he kept his word.

You may remember that Cespedes unveiled the car in December 2014, revealing that it shoots fire out of the tailpipe.

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The Aventador retails for just under $400,000 and Cespedes put in another $380,000 worth of bells and whistles (and flamethrowers), so of course it attracted plenty of attention.

Just think of all the cars Cespedes could buy if the Wilpons weren’t so cheap.

- Dan Gartland