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Elton John met with some Twins players before a concert and impressed them with his baseball knowledge.

By Extra Mustard
March 11, 2016

When Elton John is not making awesome songs, he has a variety of other interests to keep him occupied, like collecting eyeglasses or photography, or raising money for charities.

It turns out he also spends a good amount of his free time keeping up with Major League Baseball, as several Twins players met the “Amoreena” singer this week before a concert and spoke highly of John’s baseball IQ, according to MLB.com.

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"People said he's a big baseball fan, but I was like, 'C'mon. He's from England and all that.'" [Trevor] Plouffe said. "But sure enough, he's lived in Georgia for more than 20 years and watched the Braves, so that's how he learned about baseball. He became a Braves fan right as they went on that run. So he was really insightful about sports, in general. We had a cool talk with him."

Joe Mauer was also impressed by the depth of John’s MLB knowledge.

"He was throwing out names like Mark Lemke," Mauer said. "You'd think he'd say like [John] Smoltz or [Greg] Maddux, but he knew about guys like Lemke."


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