Kawhi Leonard still drives a ‘97 Chevy, loves Wingstop

San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard still drives a very old vehicle. 
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San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard received the full Lee Jenkins treatment with a cover story in this week’s Sports Illustrated.

Jenkins’s story about the mercurial Spurs star is filled with numerous anecdotes from Leonard’s life—his love for math, his appreciation for the Michael Jordan documentary Come Fly with Me and his hatred of attention. Perhaps our favorite story within Jenkins’s profile is how Leonard still drives his childhood car.

He often drives a rehabbed '97 Chevy Tahoe, nicknamed Gas Guzzler, which he drove across Southern California's Inland Empire as a teenager. "It runs," Leonard explains, "and it's paid off."

That’s right, Leonard still drives the car he used as a teenager. And it doesn’t stop there! Leonard is also a very committed fan of Wingstop, that is, as long as he has his coupons.

[Leonard] is happy to sponsor Wingstop, which sends him coupons for free wings, so he can feed his Mango Habanero addiction. This winter, after his $94 million contract kicked in, he panicked when he lost his coupons. Wingstop generously replenished his supply.

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