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Watch: Kris Bryant pulls off amazing prank on a college baseball team

Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant went undercover as a stud college baseball player to trick a local team.

On Thursday, Kris Bryant took a break from preparing to follow up his Rookie of The Year-award winning 2015 to play a truly amazing prank on the baseball team at Mesa Community College in Arizona.

Bryant worked with the team’s coach and Red Bull to trick players into believing he was a new transfer student that would be making his way into the team’s lineup.

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The powerhouse Mesa squad thought it was getting Roy Nabryt (an anagram of Bryant), and the players did not seem happy about it. However, once they saw the new “donkey” smashing bombs they changed their tune pretty quickly, with one teammate muttering, “they said we were getting a kid, not a man.”

After his identity was revealed, Bryant talked to the team and signed autographs, and gave them a parting piece of advice, saying, "Get a ring. I hope I get one too.”

– Brendan Maloy