North Carolina man arrested for failing to return 2002 VHS rental

If you ever rented a movie back when movie rental stores were a thing and you never returned it, watch out. You could be arrested. 
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James Meyers learned the hard way that you can never out run your past. 

The Concord, N.C., man was taking his daughter to school on Tuesday when he was pulled over by police for a busted tail light. When the cops ran his license, they realized he had an outstanding warrant. For failing to return a movie he rented. In 2002. 

Meyers told the whole story on Wednesday’s local news. It turns out J&J’s Video in nearby Kannapolis never forgot about the copy of Freddy Got Fingered Meyers rented 14 years ago. 

He also gave a more dramatic telling in a selfie video.


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And what did Meyers spend his Wednesday evening doing? Watching clips of the film on YouTube. 


At least the incident provided him with some nostalgia.

- Dan Gartland

[h/t David Matthews]