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Sean Weatherspoon’s fiancée stumbles upon paycheck during move

Well, that just made the move a whole lot easier.

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You know that feeling you get when you reach into your pocket and find a $5 bill? It’s awesome, right?

Now, multiply that feeling by 27,647. That’s what Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is feeling right now.

According to Weatherspoon’s twitter feed, his fiancée found one of his game checks from last season as the two were moving into a new place. ESPN writer Vaughn McClure did some math and determined this was around $138,235. That’s one hell of a find!

“I was on my way home from working out when I received a picture of the check, dated Sept. 18,” Weatherspoon told ESPN via text message. “My fiancée found it in a stack of mail, I believe. I vaguely remember getting the hard copy after the Week 1 game. I'm not sure why it wasn’t directly deposited like all my other checks. I’m currently trying to contact [the Cardinals] now. LOL.”

Well, that just made the move a whole lot easier.

– Kenny Ducey