Quiz: Should I watch the Warriors or Kobe’s last game?

Our latest quiz will help you decide which of Wednesday’s big games is the right one for you to watch.
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Wednesday night isn’t only the last night of the NBA season—it’s also one of the biggest nights in sports history.

That’s right—sports history. On one hand, you’ll have the Golden State Warriors attempting to break one of the most ridiculous records in sports, the Bulls’ record for 72 wins in a regular season. The Dubs will face the Grizzlies with win No. 73 on the line at 10:30 p.m. ET.

But wait, there’s more! At the same time, Kobe Bryant will suit up for the final game of his 20-year NBA career. Bryant won’t go out on top, but the five-time champion will leave a serious void in the NBA once he steps off the court for the final time.

Pau Gasol says goodbye to Kobe Bryant | SI’s Warriors hub

Though exciting, deciding between huge games happening at the same time can be a pretty daunting task to tackle. That’s where we come in. Not sure if you should watch the Warriors chase 73 or Kobe’s last hurrah? Our latest quiz will help you decide once and for all.

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