Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Jojo De La Cruz and an LSU Football Dance Party

By Andy Gray
April 14, 2016

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LSU Dance Party

It's Friday. The weather is finally nice here on the East Coast. My birthday is on Monday. Almost makes me feel like dancing. Unfortunately, I have no rhythm and shouldn't get within 40 feet of a dance floor. So instead, I let the LSU football team bust a move for me. 

College Student Wears Perfectly Normal Workout Outfit. Gets Kicked Out of Gym Because It's Too Revealing.

Sometimes I visit my New York Sports Club and can't believe the outfits some of the women are wearing. Then I hear about poor Danielle at Washington & Lee University, who was wearing a totally harmless outfit and was asked to leave. That's when I wonder what the school would say if some of the NY Sports Club members went to work out at the school.

20 Best Games of 2016 NFL Season

The schedule is out and Don Banks has this year's 20 must-watch games.

Lovely Lady of the Day


NBA's Five Best Hairstyles

Jeremy Lin is obviously first, but who are the other four?

One Way To Spend $10,000

Anyone want a limited-edition Jeff Gordon Pop-Tart?

What iPhone Apps Cost in 1996

Can't believe people paid $99 for a Caller ID machine.

Kobe Being Kobe

Shots Fired!

Mom of the Year

Odds & Ends

U.S. Quidditch Cup 9 takes place this weekend in South Carolina. If you missed it, here's Tiffany's attempt to figure out Harry Potter's favorite sport ... D-List celebrities who attended Kobe Bryant's final game. I'm looking at you, Arsenio Hall ...  This softball player has a unique way of bunting ... Uh Oh. A Cavs playoff game could conflict with a Justin Bieber concert​ ... Cavs-Pistons preview (using NBA Action '94) ... NHL Round 1 playoff predictions (based solely on team's logo and uniforms) ... A Michigan RB was hospitalized after being hit with a forklift during practice ... Here are all 100 of Bryce Harper's MLB home runs ... The audio of Hulk Hogan's racist rant is now online ... Science can now tell whether a guy is creepy ... Celebs who raised their profile by appearing in underwear ads ... Julia Louis-Dreyfus discussed sexism during her tenure at SNL ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (April 14), featuring a huge portrait some art students in China painted of Kobe Bryant in recogniton of his retirement from the NBA.

Who Are You Again?

Juuuuuust a Bit Outside

All Praise Super Dog Max

Thursday Night's MLB Highlights



Going to Billy Joel at MSG tonight. Hope he plays this song.

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