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Ted Cruz blows Hoosiers reference, calls hoop a ‘basketball ring’

Ted Cruz called a basketball hoop a “basketball ring.”

Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for president and popular Zodiac Killer suspect, may not know what a basketball hoop is.

Cruz was in Indiana on Tuesday night, doing whatever it is candidates do when speaking to large crowds, which I think is trying to earn votes...? (But aren’t the people at a Ted Cruz rally already voting for Ted Cruz? I digress.)

Cruz was attempting to appeal to the Indiana crowd by referencing the popular basketball movie Hoosiers, in which, among other things, Gene Hackman gives a memorable speech about basketball hoops being the same height no matter what gym the game is played in. Cruz was giving his speech in one of the gyms prominently featured in the movie, which made it all the more cringe-inducing when he called pointed at a hoop and called it a “basketball ring.”


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In other news, Cruz lost to Donald Trump in each of the five states holding their primaries on Tuesday night.