Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Molly Curley and bong hits stealing the show at the NFL Draft

By Andy Gray
April 28, 2016

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NFL Draft Wrap-Up

 (we need you to swipe left or right).

Meanwhile in Ohio...

Two years after being selected in the first round, an unemployed Johnny Manziel sat by himself at a bar watching the draft. Perhaps he can contribute to the GoFundMe account a Browns fan started to pay for therapy for the team's next first-round draft pick.

Ryan Mathews ... Yikes

Not a good sign when your girlfriend posts this on social media: “Happy one year anniversary to the biggest lying cheating scumbag I ever met. Hope you have a lovely life with your groupies … thanks for the migraine. PHILLY GIRLS LOOK WHOSE ON THE MARKET! Flock to him please! what a gem.”

Lovely Lady of the Day


How'd That Happen

Someone stole the 14-foot figure of a Royals player off a K.C. billboard.

Technology Rules

A fifth grader who has been legally blind his entire life was able to see his mom for the first time, thanks to new electronic glasses.

This Made Me Laugh

Quick FYI

Now I'm Seen It All

Odds & Ends

Greg Maddux is gross ... Best fan jerseys from NFL Draft ... T.J. Oshie had the type of game you dream about when you're young ... The 50 greatest ECW wrestlers of all time ... 33 questions that were asked at Apple job interviews ... LOVE this video of a dog reuniting with its owner after seven months. ... Gallery: The Day in Sports (April 28).

NBA Fashion Review

Tiffany was joined by style expert Anisha Muhkerjee to see which NBA player has been most fashionable during the playoffs.

Urban Meyer Gets Dissed

Jon Gruden Hates Social Media

Stick in Visor Alert

Thursday's MLB Highlights


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