April 29, 2016

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If You Read One Thing Today...

Lee Jenkins (the best NBA writer today) profiles Craig Sager, covering everything from his days as a Northwestern mascot to the time he talked Dennis Rodman out of committing suicide at a Detroit strip club. 

Here's a Fun Story About Police Overreacting and Scaring a 13-Year-Old For No Reason

A 13-year-old girl in Houston used a $2 dollar bill to pay for her school lunch. The cashier said the bill was fake and the called police, who took the girl to their station and and told her she's in big trouble. Then they realized the $2 bill was real all along but from 1953, so the school's counterfeit pen didn't work. The girl was allowed to go but never received an apology from the police or cashier. The end.

Most Bizarre Fast-Food Items

Did you know Pizza Hut once made a Doritos-covered crust?

Important LLOD Note

We're a couple weeks into the Afternoon Links experiment and any feedback (send to andy_gray@simail.com) is welcome. To answer one question, I think having three Lovely Ladies of the Day is a bit much (there's currently one in A.M. and P.M. Clicks). Two is even pushing it. So I don't think I'll have one in this space everyday. But on those days I do, I'd love your help. Please send me any suggestions - the less famous the better. In other words, help me find the next Abigail Ratchford!

​How Nintendo Saved the Seattle Mariners

Now can someone get Nintendo to bring back the Sonics.

Man's Best Friend

I can't stop watching this video of a baby helping a dog get his treat.

Air Jordan Ripoff?

My New Favorite Beer Can Design

Posted Just as First Round of NFL Draft Was Set to Begin


A photo posted by New England Patriots (@patriots) on

Odds & Ends

Update from A.M. Clicks: The 14-foot player stolen from Royals a billboard has been found ... Five biggest conspiracy theories for sports fans ... 23 most tragic photos of 2006 ... These "worst mom in the world" selfies are tremendous ... More reasons to follow Modern Seinfeld on Twitter.

Troy Football Busts a Move

Globetrotters Take Over Alcatraz

Here's a Bee Pulling a Nail Out of a Brick Wall

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