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Former New York Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams graduated from music school on Friday.

By Extra Mustard
May 13, 2016

Former New York Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams graduated from the Manhattan School of Music, he announced via Twitter on Friday.

Williams had been attending the school for the last three years, earning a degree in jazz composition, according to this delightful story in The New York Daily News. Williams was somewhat of a star around campus, which makes sense, considering he won four World Series rings with the Yankees. Williams attended MSM to put his classically trained guitar skills to work, much to the adoration of his classmates, apparently.

Now that Williams is entering the real world, though, it’s time for a dose of real talk:

Bernie, c’mon, a music degree? You know how expensive those are? Your parents must be furious. You should have gone for a degree in something with better job prospects, like something in liberal arts or a journalism degree.

And what are the odds of becoming a great musician? Nobody wants a career in such a highly competitive field where only a small percentage of people actually make it to the top tier of what they do. 

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Good luck to Bernie Williams—a five-time All-Star and Latin Grammy nominated artist—and the rest of the class of 2016.

– Rohan Nadkarni



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