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The story of how Joe Buck met his wife is crazy

Joe Buck called in an assist from another NFL broadcaster to meet his now wife.

Joe Buck, play-by-play commentator for Fox News, is married to Michelle Beisner, a former Broncos cheerleader and reporter for ESPN.

How did Buck meet Beisner? The story is pretty incredible, as revealed by Bryan Curtis in a profile of Buck over at The Ringer.

First, Buck called in his friend and Beisner’s NFL Network colleague Rich Eisen to put the two in touch in the fall of 2012. The only problem? Well, aside from Beisner thinking Buck was “smug and arrogant,” she was living with her boyfriend. Buck was not deterred:

After Eisen’s icebreaker, Buck gently pushed the point himself. (“Still live with that boyfriend of yours? Well, that’s dumb.”) By the 2013 Super Bowl, Beisner was single. She and Buck started dating. The following year, they were married in Cabo San Lucas in front of God and Troy Aikman.

Buck is wasting his time as an announcer if he has these kinds of romantic powers. Beisner went from living with her boyfriend to marrying Buck in, like, 18 months? What’s his secret?

- Rohan Nadkarni

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