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Test your pronunciation skills on some of the most difficult names on Euro 2016 rosters.

By Brendan Maloy
June 07, 2016

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Looking over the rosters for the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament got us thinking: Can even the most ardent soccer fans and pronunciation enthusiasts properly work through the more complex names in the field? So we put together a little quiz to test out your skills. Gôod łüçk.

If you struggled with understanding all those umlauts and circumflexes, UEFA has published a handy guide for English language speakers to help them tackle some of the more difficult names in this year’s Euro 2016 tournament.

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The cheat sheet offers some pretty humorous tips like “An 'ř' is a bit like 'rj' in English – hence Daniel Kolař just about rhymes with 'go large',” for the Czech Republic, and “Dimitri Payet's surname sounds like 'pie-ette' – equivalent to the sound of Liam Gallagher from Oasis saying ‘I ate’,” for the French roster guide.

The quadrennial tournament kicks off in the Stade de France on June 10, with the host country taking on Romania.

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