Watch: The Dodgers released an eagle and it didn’t return to its handler

The Dodgers released an eagle in the stadium and it didn’t return to its handler.
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The Dodgers decided the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day would be to have an eagle fly through the stadium. It didn’t go as planned. 

The eagle was released in the stadium before the start of the game. The issue was retrieving the massive bird of prey.

Luckily, several fans in the stands were able to capture the mishap on video. When the bird flies past its handler it doesn’t look like that big a deal. But once you see the handler start running after the eagle, that’s when you realize something is up.  


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The Dodgers said last week that the eagle was rehearsing at the stadium, but I guess he could have used a few more practice runs. 

UPDATE: The L.A. Zoo says the bird is safe and sound. “Although he missed his mark, Chinook waited by the van for his trainer.”