Matt Duffy got traded, but more importantly, Matt Duffy’s cat is gargantuan, and it is not moving with him, and that’s sad.

By Extra Mustard
August 02, 2016

If you didn’t know anything about new Rays (and former Giants) infielder Matt Duffy before reading this headline and glancing at the picture above, you now know that his cat is HUGE.

His cat is called Skeeter, and like all good cats, Skeeter has an Instagram page. However, as of 5:25 p.m. Tuesday, Skeeter’s owner must not have informed the cat he’d be moving to Tampa Bay, judging by the whole “Go Giants” thing in his bio. 

Look at this glorious, rotund feline.


When people tell me I'm losing weight... who, me? #musthavebeenmygoodside #iworkout #sfgiants #mattduffyscat #evenyear

A photo posted by Skeeter Duffy (@duffcat35) on


Sometimes all you need is a good belly rub #goodluck #buddhabelly #family #lovemyhumans #mattduffyscat

A photo posted by Skeeter Duffy (@duffcat35) on

The Rays were so happy to welcome this cat as part of the trade, which sent Matt Moore to San Francisco in a corresponding move.

But, Duffy squashed those rumors quickly.

This is pretty sad, all things considered. Because, after all, who wants to live with their parents at this age?

But wow, what a great cat.

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