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Tim Tebow is definitely not better at baseball today than Barry Bonds.

By Dan Gartland
August 09, 2016

Former NFL punt protector Tim Tebow wants to be a major league baseball player. This is a terrible idea. 

Tebow, who turns 29 on Sunday, hasn’t played baseball since he was a junior in high school. And he thinks he has a shot to make it to the majors? Come on. 

His agent says he’s good, but he gets paid to say that. The reality is that Tebow is probably very bad—better than your average citizen, but far worse than any player with a legitimate MLB chance.

Below is a list of people I’m fairly confident are better at baseball today than Tim Tebow. 

1. Barry Bonds

2. Bo Jackson

3. Russell Wilson

4. Brandon Weeden

5. ​Shea Hillenbrand

6. Bartolo Colon (as a hitter)

7. Pat White

8. Johnny Manziel

9. Kelly Kretschman

​10. Julio Franco

11. Clay Bellinger

​12. LeBron James

13. Derek Jeter

14. Kieran Powell

15. Vladimir Guerrero

16. Wilton Guerrero

17. Ruben Sierra

18. Raul Mondesi Sr. 

19. Manny Ramirez

20. Shaq Thompson

21. Drew Henson

22. Klay Thompson

23. Rickey Henderson

24. Kevin Costner

25. Kayla Lombardo

​26. Homer Bush

27. Deion Sanders

28. Kevin Millar

29. Cliff Floyd

30. Michael Jordan

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