Finally, all the thinkpieces about the “song of the summer” can be put to rest.

By Rohan Nadkarni
August 15, 2016

The Rio Olympics have given us lots of bad things, like green water, people shooting at buses, uncomfortably casual sexism and a continued ignorance over the plight of poor citizens who are being displaced for stadiums that mostly won’t be used ever again.

It’s not all bad, though, because the Rio games have finally given us something we’ve all been waiting for: The Song of the Summer. Seriously, the internet has been going nuts trying to figure out which song we will forget about six months from now. 

My friends at GQ reflected. Pitchfork attacked with a group mentality. The Daily Beast hand waved. slideshowed. Verge swerved. NPR (wait, NPR?!) serious radio segmented. GQ checked in one more time.

Well, the debate is over. Because this song played for fans at the Rio Olympics teaching them how to act properly—expertly set to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”—has answered our summer-long obsession. “Let’s Get Into It” is now, officially, the song of the summer. 

Now we finally know what to play at our uncomfortably hot barbecues.

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